We Are


When film first appeared as a medium, people fell in love; they believed it was magic happening before their very own eyes. The tools of the trade were very rudimentary and simple, yet they produced magnificent effects. Today, people have all the tools and software they could ever need, but somehow they still struggle to capture the magic. We believe that the secret is in communication - learning about the subject, developing the story, choosing the medium that fits you best (be it videography, animation or photography). What’s important is the idea, the spark behind it all, and when this fire is supported with the latest technology and a skillful team, the sky is the limit.

As a team, we have worked for many years and countless hours in various advertising campaigns and with clients from all around the nation. Our goal has always been to communicate effectively. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and we are dedicated to making your picture perfect in the simplest, most innovative and effective manner.


Our knowledge and experience is visible in all our previous works, but we take an individualized approach to every client. From conceptualizing and storyboarding to the production itself… we use different editing suites and cinematographic tools to deliver a finalized, top-quality product.


Our Services?


Have a video project you’ve been itching to get done but haven’t yet? Our videography services offer everything you’d expect and more. Our services start from the very beginning of your video project and end when you are satisfied with your product. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and other big events, our services are designed to help you enjoy your event in real-time and for years after it takes place.


Our approach to editing takes a rudimentary photo, video, or animation and leads to a product that is both innovative and flawless for you, your family, or your customers to enjoy for a long time. We are sure you’ll agree that we are true mavericks of our field.


3-D animation can add the spark of life that a project might desperately need, or it could be a beautiful project entirely of its own. Our realistic animations pay attention to detail and stand apart from our competitors.


Professionally taken photos really make the difference in any situation. Our professional photographers know this and pay specific attention to each and every photo they take. With high-quality resolution and images that capture the best of your event or presentations, our wide variety of photography packages will assuredly work for you.


Without experience in marketing, all of the different factors that go into whether your product sells can seem overwhelming. Production Connections can take care of all of the harder aspects of marketing so that you can take care of the more important parts of your business, like your customers and your employees.


Among the projects that we take on are unique projects. If you have a unique project that you think we can complete, do not hesitate to contact us. If we can help, we will, and we will consider all projects.


Fun Facts?

76.5% of businesses using Video Marketing say it has a DIRECT impact on their business.

82% of consumers take action after watching a video…multi-platform marketing.

How-to videos…52% say it increased their ROI.

Keep viewers interested with landing page videos… the conversion rate is 80%.

Ever thought of a teaser campaign video? 93% of marketers say “they are very effective”.

360 videos…86% of businesses say “IT WORKS”.

97% say videos about their products & services help viewers understand “how it works”.

Did you know viewers watch live video feeds 3x Longer?

We believe that the best way to to reach your TARGET MARKET is to educate & entertain.